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The Center for Koru Mindfulness


Leading people might be one of the hardest calls to action.

For Collin McConaghy, the certified Koru Mindfulness teacher and former team captain of the 2010 football team at University of Richmond, collaboration serves as an invaluable enhancement to teaching mindfulness. To have two teachers, you are doubling the perspectives, the metaphors and therefore, expanding your impact on those you are serving.

Bridges Between Us Podcast

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Every teacher has a teacher. Jake and Collin sit down with Matt in this episode to talk about how learning about mindfulness from their teacher Alex Peavey radically impacted their life. That impact continues to flow through to today as they have since co-founded The Peavey Project to help spread understanding and application of mindfulness through a research-based & relationship-centric approach. This episode powerfully explore how we can relate with grief, transform organizational culture, face deep pain, and expand joy within our lives!

Comes A Time Podcast

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Oteil and Mike talk with Alex Peavey, a mindfulness consultant and the Team Consultant and Mindfulness Coach for VCU Men’s Basketball. Alex reached out as a listener of the podcast, sharing what a refuge the show has been throughout his battle with cancer. In this episode, Alex shares how he got into meditation and what role the practice has played in his life after his cancer diagnosis. They discuss the process of conceptualizing and emotionally processing your own mortality, along with different approaches to doing so. Alex also shares what music has helped bring him peace recently, and the three reflect on how the pandemic has reshaped their views.

The V Foundation for Cancer Research

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Meet Alex Peavey
VCU mindfulness coach perseveres beyond all odds


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