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“The information is delivered in such useful and tangible ways. I walked away with so many new tools that I can use.”
“I thought this course was extremely helpful for my team and I. I learned so many new things that I am thankful for and cannot wait to share with my family and peers.”

“The instructors were excellent-- enthusiastic, down to earth and  knowledgeable”
“I loved the class discussions because we shared insights that were helpful to our practice - I often heard questions that I had not thought of and I benefited greatly from hearing the responses.”
“This class was truly life-changing”
“Thank you so much for this guys. I really needed the help here to keep myself on track during tough times.”
“This was an amazing experience for me.”
“Collin and Jake were so patient with all of us!”
“This is what my child has been needing, I can’t thank you enough. He’s calmer, more focused and loves the sessions.”
“Perks of working from home - got in 5 mins of belly breathing after a stretch of meetings before I head into afternoon work”
“Some focused breathing and a bit of body scanning came up big against insomnia issues last night and this morning. Salvaged a decent sleep considering”
“I got five minutes of breath awareness before delivering a training to managers at work today. It definitely helped me calm and focus going into it!”


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